Chidvatsalya Pradarshani


  • 35 feet wide , 220 feet long and 30 feet high, spellbinding semi-circular caves to be constructed behind the Shantinath Jinalaya.
  • The perseverance of Shri Akampanacharya and empathy of Muniraj Vishnukumar will find place in the ultra modern two staged unique audio-visual show within the caves.
  • Seven caves in each stage are proposed.
  • To abridge the two caves, there will be a sixty feet long hanging bridge, similar to Laxman Jhula.
  • Golf carts are also proposed to be made available for sick and elderly people.
  • Six store rooms for Jin-temples poojan material are proposed below the caves.


The King, Shri Verma reigned over Ujjaini Nagri during the period of 20th Teerthankar MuniSuvratnath.

He had four ministers including Bali, who were atheist. Once Shri Akampanacharya arrived in Ujjaini Nagri along with a Muni-Sangh. Their arrival spread a blissful ambience in the city but the ministers like Bali criticised the saints. During a debate with the ministers, Muniraj Shrutsagar defeated them. Annoyed by the defeat, the ministers conspired unanimously to kill Muniraj Shrutsagar. When they tried to kill him, a deity froze them. Next morning, when the king came to know about the evil deed of the ministers, they were expelled from the country.


After wandering for sometime, the ministers reached Hastinapuri Nagri and aided king PADMANATH to emerge victorious in a war. Pleased by the help, they were granted a boon by the king. Later on, when Shri Akampanacharya and other saints reached Hastinapur, the ministers governed by the sense of vengeance utilised the boon to take over the kingdom for seven days. They turned hostile towards the Muni-Sangh and started to torture the saints. Sensing the evil intentions of the ministers towards the Muni-Sangh, Muniraj Vishnukumar disguised himself as a Brahmin and tactfully shattered the ego of the ministers to rescue the saints. Later he adopted Munideeksha again. After being freed from the hostility of the ministers, the Muniraj received Aahaardan from Shravakas and from that very day this Upsarg Nivaran Day is celebrated as Rakshabandhan.