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Welcome to Teerthdham Chidayatan

Hastinapur, Meerut, India


Teerthdham Chidayatan

The word Chidayatan has been composed of two separate Hindi words- CHID and AAYATAN. CHID means a substance called the Soul, characterised by its intrinsic quality of perception and AAYATAN means a place. It refers to Chid + Aayatan, which means a place that offers opportunity for one to be encourage to enter his eternal true nature of the soul, aiming for eternal peace and truth. Chidayatan is a holy place which inspires the individuals to introspect and feel the everlasting peace at the very inner most conscience. It is that utmost sacred place, which motivates one to be introvert in realizing one’s own soul.

Moreover, Chidayatan refers to a pious place which inspires humans to achieve transcendental peace. Outside of the bustling material life, the soul in search of ultimate peace craves for a secluded place. The need for spiritual regeneration and a life enriched with basic human values has often made us contemplate the necessity of a Chidayatan .

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  • Education
    English medium Senior Secondary School affiliated to CBSE.
  • Healthcare
    Hastinapur Nagri is visited by lacs of people every year. The city has been blessed with abysmal repository of medicinal herbs.
  • Hospitality
    Chatianyamrit Aahar Nilaya will be a modern cafeteria providing pure vegetarian food for the guests and students.
  • Spiritual
    There will be a Chidanand Swadhyaya Mandir (97X50 Feet) in Shri Shantinath Chidesh Jinalaya.
  • General
    A four storey residential building will be constructed for two doctors and six teachers employed in the hospital and Chaitanya Siksha Mandir, run by Teerthdham Chidayatan.


Shri Shantinath-Akampan-Kahan Digambar Jain Trust

Let us ensure our contribution and participation in such a holy work and let us add another golden chapter in the realm of jin-shasan.


Why Hastinapur

The reasons for construction of Teerthdham Chidayatan at Hastinapur; Hastinapur is a city, which lies in the Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh. It is known worldwide for its glorious, mythological and historical past, where Lord Shantinath-Kunthunath-Arhnath, were blessed with three titles i.e. Teerthankar, Kamdev and Chakravarti, glorifying the land with their divine emergence and attainment of their four Kalyanaks.

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Facilities at Chidayatan

Welcome to Teerthdham Chidayatan

The Community who firmly believes in God's word.

Teerthdham Chidayatan' complex is considered as one of the largest Jain religious centres of its kind in the country. Come with us for this journey.

It is the auspiciousness of Tirthankar Lord Mahavir, infinit Teerthankara, five supreme beings, Lord manscript, Pujya Gurudev his follower Champaben and with the help of great personalities that the built Teerthdham Chidayatan is a meditatory land of the followers of truth. This place is not personalized but it belongs to everyone. Chidayatan is ending preaches of omniscience to every person.

Shri Pawan Jain


Help Build Chidayatan

ग्रासस्तदर्धमपि देयमथार्धमेव, तस्यापि सन्ततमणुव्रतिना यथद्र्धि:।
इच्छानुरूपमिह कस्य कदात्र लोके, द्रव्यं भविष्यति सदुत्तमदानहेतु:॥

Religion is more precious than wealth for a pilgrim; so spending his wealth for religion provides him ecstasy. A soul devoted to religion feels blissful, “Wow! I am blessed with an opportunity to serve my Dev-Guru-Dharm (Lord-Saint-Religion).

I am blessed… I am entrusted with the work of Dev-Dharm (Lord-Saint).”

According to scriptures we should donate as per our might. If you possess a rupee, donate a paisa; but do it compulsorily and practise to curb your greed.

It should not be a norm to donate only if you are a millionaire and avoid it if you are not rich enough. Actually donation is all about curbing your greed.

-Pujya Gurudev Shree Kanjiswami

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Income Tax Exemption

Government of India has granted exemption from Income Tax under the Income Tax Act 1961, 80G for every donation made in favour of Shri Shantinath Akampan Kahan Digamber Jain Trust, Aligarh.

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