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ग्रासस्तदर्धमपि देयमथार्धमेव, तस्यापि सन्ततमणुव्रतिना यथद्र्धि:।
इच्छानुरूपमिह कस्य कदात्र लोके, द्रव्यं भविष्यति सदुत्तमदानहेतु:॥

Means: One must donate a morsel, half a morsel or a quarter of a morsel, based on his capacity. It means, one should not think to donate after becoming a millionaire; whatever wealth we have, something must be donated out of it.

-Aacharya Padmnandi, Padmnandi Panchvinshatika, Shlok 230


Religion is more precious than wealth for a pilgrim; so spending his wealth for religion provides him ecstasy. A soul devoted to religion feels blissful, “Wow! I am blessed with an opportunity to serve my Dev-Guru-Dharm (Lord-Saint-Religion).

I am blessed… I am entrusted with the work of Dev-Dharm (Lord-Saint).”

According to scriptures we should donate as per our might. If you possess a rupee, donate a paisa; but do it compulsorily and practise to curb your greed.

It should not be a norm to donate only if you are a millionaire and avoid it if you are not rich enough. Actually donation is all about curbing your greed.

Pujya Gurudev Shree Kanjiswami


You can donate for the Activity Project – School, Hospitals, Social Welfare and Philanthropic Projects, Domiciliary Rooms and Splendid Jain Idols, Jinalaya & Manstambh.

Your cooperation will be the foundation for spreading the non-violent principles of Jainism all over the world.

You may render your valuable contribution / help for the construction of each sq. feet of this great upcoming CHIDAYATAN by paying Rs. 2100/- (Two thousand one hundred rupees) only for every sq. ft. ( as per your capability & desire).

Your smallest contribution / help will be a great cooperation in the development of Teerthdham Chidayatan.


Account Details

Name & Address Shri Shantinath Akampan Kahan Digamber Jain Trust
Bank Name & Address ICICI bank, Ghaziabad
Bank A/C Number 695505601180
IFSC Code ICIC0006955

Income Tax Exemption

Government of India has granted exemption from Income Tax under the Income Tax Act 1961, 80G for every donation made in favour of Shri Shantinath Akampan Kahan Digamber Jain Trust, Aligarh.

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