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Chidarogya Dham

  • Hastinapur Nagri is visited by lacs of people every year. The city has been blessed with abysmal repository of medicinal herbs. Keeping in mind these facts, there is a proposal to establish – Chidarogya Dham (Naturopathy, Yoga and Ayurveda Hospital) in Teerthdham Chidayatan, so that the visitors, students and nearby villagers may be benefitted.
  • Serious patients will be provided with quality accommodation and healthy food.
  • There is a proposal of appropraite residential buildings for doctors and employees of the hospital.

The Hospital will have a four storey building.
Each floor will have an area of 4275 square feet
Total Construction:   17100 square feet

Teerthdham Chidayatan

Teerthdham Chidayatan

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